April 10, 2013

celebrating marisa's birthday!

this year for marisa's birthday, her sisters & i arranged a surprise dinner party for her! this is marisa's last year in fayetteville, since they are moving to thailand this fall, and so we wanted to really make it a special day for her. jon suggested that we make her surprise party just girls- so that we could have intentional time & conversations together. he was so wise!
 here are a few of marisa's close friends here in fayetteville. they were too sweet to come celebrate marisa!
 in fayetteville, these "razorbacks" are everywhere- each painted differently for different causes. this one was very appropriate for its location at our restaurant, mermaids!
 speaking of mermaids, it was such a fun "ladies" choice and was so tasty! quick, funny story: marisa's church hosts a daddy/daughter date night at mermaids every year, and her little girls were so sad that they were not invited to our ladies night. i think they thought we would have a dance party like they did! 
it was a joy to celebrate marisa & her birthday, and i am so thankful for the time we had with her!