May 17, 2013

a trip to florida!

for the past week, ben and I have been in orlando, florida pursuing an exciting new development involving our careers! we both have felt the Lord's calling to ministry & are so excited for this new phase in life. 
our week has been spent absorbing tons of information, and we are so grateful for all that we are learning. living in a hotel for the past week hasn't been too bad either! our down time has been scarce, so anytime we are not in meetings, we have tried to hit the pool. yesterday we took a quick dip in the pool before our dinner.

the sunny state of florida has treated us well, and we have thoroughly enjoyed our time here. the next time we are here- we hope to take our little one to disneyworld! if our schedule wasn't so busy, we would have loved to see mickey! we will only be here for a few more days and then we head back to arkansas for a very, very busy may/june. lots to look forward to!

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