May 20, 2013

sisters lunch

after two years of girls living in fayetteville, we had our last sisters lunch today. we ate at a local favorite, stone mill bread co, & had such a great time together. sisters lunch has been such a sweet time for us girls, & i cherish all the times we were able to get away and just have "girl talk" .

you may agree with me, but i think that i have the greatest sisters. we are all so similar, yet different. when we are together, our conversations are chaotic, silly, and meaningful all at the same time. for me, it has been such a joy to call my sisters my friends. growing up as the youngest, my age really separated me from my sisters. age now really doesn't matter, & they are my best friends with just a little more life experience than me.

although these pictures are not spectacular- it's more the memory of today that i want to remember!
marisa, lori, & bethany- i sure love you & am proud to call you my sisters.

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Living in Another Language said...

I love your new blog design! :) Super cute. I love that you get the opportunity to have lunch with your sisters! That's so special!