April 6, 2014

phone pictures

it's no wonder that taking pictures on my big camera happens much less than before ruby kay joined our lives. although I love taking regular pictures- my handy phone has recorded so many of my favorite moments. I have tried lugging my camera around, but it often ends up in the way since i already have a certain 8month old's things to tote around... I go back and forth with the pros/cons to our social media- fueled culture. on one hand, social media is addicting and I too often fall prey to zoning out on my phone. but on the other hand, I love staying connected to friends near and far, and keeping records of RKs life so far! instagram is my favorite, and it has been so fun to look back on our life through the quick pictures I have snapped. 

here are a few updates from Instagram of what we have been up to lately...
yesterday and today we celebrated Ben's birthday. his parents visited yesterday, so we went to the farmers market (girls) and football practice (boys) and ate at Hugo's. last night we met up with friends at the razorbacks baseball game. today we went out eat and went on a special birthday errand! 
my mom and oldest sister, marisa, visited us in march. we had the greatest time which included a sisters weekend at the lake. lots of memories were made!
we visited the zoo on a trip to OKC a few weekends ago. it was ruby kay's first time!
life at home with ruby kay continues to be such a blast. she is such a silly, curious, and loveable girl! I'll continue to take pictures, in hopes that she enjoys looking back on our lives with fondness! these are the days...

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