April 10, 2014

9 months with ruby kay

dearest ruby kay,

what an eventful month we had! you are getting so big and strong, and life with you continues to be such a joy. it is so fun to see your little personality budding, and I pray that you continue to grow to be a sweet girl. you are still very curious, and always want to be in on the action. you also are pretty good at playing on your own, and often i'll find you entranced by the smallest toy. you play best when mama is in the same room as you, and sitting next to you.

it's so crazy that you have been out of the world for the same amount of time you grew in my belly. it seems life you have been here for so long, yet nine months is still so short.

some sweet things to remember from our ninth month with you are:
-you are starting to say "da-da" and i really think you know who dada is!
-we took you on your first hike! you rode in the beco the whole time, but did such a good job.
-we took you to the zoo for the first time, and you met a giraffe!
-we celebrated your daddy's birthday, and had the best weekend. we went to the farmers market, hugos (with mimi and papa!) and a razorbacks baseball game!
-you pretty much only eat finger foods. ever so often i'll try to feed you pureed food, but you much prefer to feed yourself. your favorite foods are fruits (who can blame ya), and also love chicken. whenever i am eating, you are very curious and spit out your paci to taste some too.
-you still love your paci. today you found the bin that keeps your pacis, and spent a good 10 minutes playing with them, rotating one in your mouth after the other. not sure how much longer we will keep your pcais.
-the "separation anxiety" phase is starting to show a bit. while we were visiting a church out of town, i got called out of the service to pick you up. i think you realized your daddy and mama weren't around, and decided you wanted us to be.
-your nina bought you some blocks, and we have been having a fun time building (me) and knocking them over (you).
-you are just starting to stand up on your own, and move from coffee table to couch. still no steps on your own, but we are getting closer!
your daddy and i sure love you, little charmer!

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