January 9, 2014

6 months with ruby kay

dearest sweet ruby Kay,

I have probably asked a million times today, "where did my tiny baby go?" you are now six months old, and I am left feeling like time truly does fly by. one of our good friends just had a baby last week, and after holding their little miracle you felt very old in my arms. this past month was a very special month with christmas and new years, and you started to do some very big new things. you now are sitting up and crawling everywhere. you started out with a slow army-crawl, and now are a full blown crawler! 

our love for you continues to grow, sweet girl. you are such a chill baby and love to giggle, especially when you are around people. you are the perfect mix of easy-going yet friendly, and i hope that you never change. you are becoming very curious, and love discovering new things and love toys.

some sweet things to remember from your sixth month with you are:
-you are no longer swaddled and now sleep in sleep sacks. 
-we started you on baby cereal which has helped you sleep through the night (hallelujah!)
-you are now sitting up on your own (more recently) and can sit on your own for a few minutes
-your favorite toys are your stacking cups, wooden giraffe toy, and Sophie the giraffe
-we have a collection of giraffe toys for you, especially thanks to christmas gifts from mimi and nina.
-you put everything in your mouth! we are definitely in the drool stage with you.
-you enjoy swinging in your 'jumping jenny' more than jumping
-you don't like riding in your car seat at night- which results in either your daddy or i sitting next to you to keep you company
-you are very content in your exersaucer, and play with each toy on it.
-you love crawling and exploring. you started out army crawling, then scooting, and now rock back and forth on your knees. If we FaceTime with family- you will crawl towards our phone screens to see them!
-you typically take 2 naps each day, in the morning and afternoon. occasionally you roll onto your tummy mid-nap, and those naps are always the longest.
-you like to blow bubbles, and stick out your tongue. 
sitting up so well on your own 
chubby cheeks
we love you so much, sweet girl, and cannot wait to spend the next six months (and more!) with you.

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