February 11, 2014

7 months with ruby kay

dearest ruby kay,

you are now seven months old, and life with you is so fun. you are active and mobile, and are always on the move. you are such a curious baby, and seem to be fascinated by your surroundings. when we are home, you love to pull yourself up onto the tv stand, chairs, and couch. you love to see all the action, and love being upright. 

you are such a joyful baby, and love to sing and jabber. your smile is so contagious and charming. your mama and daddy just love you! this past month has also been hard- with our crazy schedules full of travelling, and trying to develop more of a sleeping schedule for you. the older you get the deeper our love grows for you- but the more real it becomes. nothing could prepare us for being your mama and daddy- but our selflessness for you is what makes our love so strong!

some sweet things to remember from your seventh month with you are:
-you are still nursing, but eat pureed food 2x a day- lunch and dinner. your favorites so far are squash and sweet potato. you are starting to get the concept of grasping, thanks to your puffs. 
-you are a full blown crawler. you can tromp from one side of our living room to the other pretty quickly. you also now can crawl through the bottom your exersaucer. 
-we are slowly baby-proofing our apartment- luckily we don't have that much to do!
-you can pull yourself up to coffee tables and chairs. once standing you love to bounce- it's the funniest thing!
-you can transition from sitting to crawling to sitting
-you love peek a boo
-your nap schedule is still a little everywhere, but you typically take a morning and early afternoon nap
-your tickle spots are you neck, shoulders, and tummy.
-you are most content mama's hip 
a cute tushie on a curious girl
ruby kay, your mama and daddy are head over heels for you. it is a joy to see you grow, and we continue to be so proud of you!

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