March 19, 2014

8 months with ruby kay

an extremely belated monthly post...
dear ruby kay,

what a sweet girl you are. you are such a good mix of being chill, but you also are still very curious. you are such a good baby, and you make your daddy and i so happy. i am so excited to see who you will grow to be, and i pray that you stay the same sweet girl as you grow up.

right now you are napping, and i am so ready for you to wake up. you are typically pretty cuddly after your naps, which i just love. we finally started a schedule for you, and it has "normalized" life so much. our life has been pretty busy with work right now, but we are so thankful for your presence in our lives.

some sweet things to remember from your eight month with us are:
-you now have two bottom teeth that came through at the same time. your daddy felt them first, and i was so surprised. luckily, teething didn't phase you at all.
-you love your mama, and always want to be by my side, or in the same room as me.
-you are an expert crawler, and getting really fast. we "baby-proof" our apartment by closing our bedroom doors and letting you wander in the living room and kitchen.
-you just started to wave "bye bye"! 
-you had two very special visitors from Thailand- Nina and Aunt Marisa. you love the extra attention!
-you still love peek-a-boo, and are slowing starting to play it with me!
-your hair is just starting to thicken, and your mama is so excited to put bows in your hair instead of headbands!
-your nicknames are RK, rubesies, and sweet girl
-changing your diaper has become quite the task, and i have to pin you down to keep you still
-your favorite book is "my farm friends" and you especially love it when i make the animal noises.
-you now eat three meals a day, and are slowly starting to eat what we eat, just chopped up and softened.
-you are nursing four times a day (8,12,4,8), and take two naps (10,2), and sleeping through the night (8-8)
-we stayed in a hotel for the first time, and you swam in the pool on your eight month birthday. 

your daddy and i love you so much, sweet girl!

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