September 3, 2014

Labor Day in the Arkansas Outdoors

For Labor Day this year, we drove up to a waterfall in Bella Vista with some of our friends. We made the rookie move of forgetting our daughter's swimsuit, swim diaper, and water shoes. Despite the mistake, we had a great time and enjoyed splashing in the waterfall. We love our friends so much and are so thankful for friends who have kids with similar ages to Ruby Kay. It is so refreshing to be around people who understand the ups and downs of parenting and being go-with-the-flow when it comes to life.

It has been so fun to see our little girl become an adventurer. The older she gets, the more curious she becomes. It is such a cool thing to be able to see her grow up, and we are so proud of our sweet girl. Next year she will probably be jumping off the waterfalls!

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