November 6, 2015

ruby kay, big sister to be.

This morning, Ruby Kay and I ventured out to our favorite park here in Stillwater. As I am nearing the end of this pregnancy, I am trying to soak up time with Ruby Kay before she is promoted to Big Sister. Walking around the park, admiring "baby acorns", playing in the crisp fall leaves, and exploring the playground was just the recipe for quality time with my girl.

We are often asked how Ruby Kay feels about the new baby coming. All signs point to her being a great big sister, since she loves playing with her baby doll and is intrigued by other babies. Ben and I think that the hardest transition will involve her sharing me with little sister. Ruby Kay as an only child, has my full attention throughout the day, but that soon will change. The biggest way we have been preparing her for this new season has been encouraging her to be a good helper.

Ben and I sure love being her Daddy and Mama, and often talk about how fun it is to be her parents, and how lucky we are. We can't wait for this new season to begin as a family of four!

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