December 20, 2015

life lately

yesterday marked 3 weeks with our kennedy frances. time is moving quickly with this sweet girl, and yet it feels like she has been ours forever. she is a good sleeper and eater, and we are starting to figure out her temperament and patterns. we are still navigating through her fussy times, but love her more than words can describe. 

we are so grateful that her arrival was right before christmas break, and i especially have enjoyed ben being home to help with the girls more. as we are adjusting to being a family of four, we have seen that ruby kay thrives when we take her on "special outings" and spend time with just her. the transition from having our full attention to sharing it with her little sister has been hard, but we are trying to explain it as best as a 2 year can understand. 

our girls have begun to bond as sisters, and it is so precious to observe them interact. kennedy is still so young, but already notices ruby kay when she is close. kennedy is starting to smile at us, and i know that her silly big sister will be the recipient of many smiles from her soon.

being a mama for the second time is challenging in many ways, but it's also less stressful. i remember being so anxious to nurse away from home, and fearful of not being able to soothe a fussy baby, and found myself always asking my sister and mom for advice. this time around, although there are overwhelming moments, i find myself a lot less worried and anxious. being a mama is a lot of hard work, but is such a joy too. 

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