January 19, 2013

babymoon in the bahamas!

Watching the sunrise

The Queen's Staircase 
Touring Fort Fincastle

Bahama Mama for Ben!

Senor Frogs

16 weeks down, 23 to go!
Jaws Beach

Local Fish Fry

Versailles Gardens

Breakfast for Two on our Balcony every morning
We had such a great time in the Bahamas for our "Babymoon"! Compared to Thailand (where I grew up), it was such an easy vacation- everyone spoke English, you can use US Dollars everywhere, and it was a tourist hot spot. We mostly enjoyed taking long walks while exploring, trying Conch Fritters, and relaxing on the beach. We are so thankful for our vacation away, and treasured the time that we are still just two.

Most people thought we were either travelling with our parents, or were on our honeymoon. Not even close!

Luckily, I am feeling GREAT in the pregnancy category. I have my energy back, I am no longer nauseous, and I enjoy food again. Our vacation was perfect timing- I am early into my second trimester and not yet at the "whale-ish" stage of size. 

Overall, our trip was a success!