January 17, 2013

hayley ann turns four!

we celebrated my niece, hayley ann's, fourth birthday tonight with a pool party. before the big event, hayley told us how excited she was for her party and her pinata. here are a few pictures from this four year old's big night.

 jon and marisa rented a section of the HPER pool (the University of Arkansas pool), which turned out to be perfect. next to us were swimming, diving, and water aerobics classes. 

uncle ben is so silly!

poor nathan was a little too cold from the pool, so aunt bethany was kind to keep him warmed up.

the birthday girl has mastered her "under water" trick and was so excited to show us her new talent.

 see those adorable blue lips?

aunt jen and uncle ben love you hayley girl!

some of the party attenders. you can never go wrong with pizza at a pool party!

this one is looking a little too old with his new hair cut. and he is becoming quite talkative these days. 

hayley ann, hayley bailey, hay-bay, you are loved. 
your uncle ben and i remember meeting you for the first time when you were just a little pudgy infant. you are growing so old, but we are so thankful for the times we have been able to spend with you. thank you for letting us be your aunt and uncle- we love you so much!