February 18, 2011

the food of my dreams.........

I miss THAI food! 
I miss paying $2 to get the most authentic, flavorful, tropical, and scrumptious meal on the streets of Thailand.

In my absence of Thailand, I survive off their imports to America. Similar to Ramen noodles, "Mama" noodles have been a frequent addition to my meals here at the Institute. For 30cents a package, I think they are wise investment.
To my disappointment, these "Peanut Noodles" were not a "Taste of Thai". Yes, it only took 3 minutes to make this meal, but it didn't remind me of home.
 When Ben & I are feeling extravagent, we travel to our local Thai restaurant, "Thai Thai". Their food is very authentic and always leaves me stuffed! 
If you come to Branson, we'd love to share our favorite dishes with you-maybe we could even venture to a show afterward!

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