February 17, 2011

philippians at the institute

This past week at the Institute, Keith Chancey walked us through the book of Philippians. I really enjoyed studying Philippians extensively, because I have always loved the book but have never really studied it.

We first went through and outlined the chapter themes:
1- Conduct yourselves in a manner worth of the gospel
2- Attitude of Christ
3- Press on towards the upper calling of Christ Jesus
4- Stand firm

Then we broke down each chapter to better understand the content.
Here is my Chapter 1 breakdown:
vs.1-2 Greetings
vs. 3-11 Paul's love for the brethren
vs. 12-20 Circumstances of the gospel being spread
vs. 21-26 Paul's perspective
vs. 27-30 Call to conduct for the Philippians

Keith really made the scripture come alive and here are some of my highlights from his teachings.
-God put me(&you!) on this earth for a purpose: to spread the gospel!
-Be BOLD in my faith: It is so easy for me to step aside and let the "more qualified" proclaim the gospel.
-"Go low to get high": Keith really spoke to humilty and said that the church today is in great need of humilty. I too need to work on my pride and humbling myself for the Lord's glory.
-In 2:4 it says, "Look for others interests"--Keith shared one of my new favorite quotes: "The HAPPIEST people constantly serve, the UNHAPPIEST people are waiting to be served." Selflessly serving gets addicting and I want in!
-Keith also emphasized that we need to LOVE people to Christ. I want to get rid of my judgmental nature and love people to Christ, showing them the joy I have received from being a child of God.

I hope that this is an encouragement to you & that you too read Philippians! I am so blessed to be a full-time student, studying God's truths.