February 20, 2011

hiking & k-life

What a great weekend! It was non-stop, but really fun & productive.

Ben & I woke up early Saturday morning & went hiking in Arkansas with friends. It was so refreshing to be outside & work up a sweat. The boys said they are fine today, but my legs (especially my calves) ache! Our hike totaled at 7 miles with many inclines & declines. Here is a picture of the start of our hike ----> 

At the end of the trail we came to an old cabin where a granny used to live. I couldn't imagine living in a cabin without heat in the winter! Brrr!

After we got back from our hike we showered, changed & went out separate ways. Ben went to work at Chilis, & I went to on an outing with K-Life! It was so great to spend time with my small group girls. We ended up caravaning up to Springfield for a night on the town!
First stop we braved the packed Battlefield Mall where we each ate at the restaurant of our choosing. For me, there was no question: Chick Fil-A! 

At our second stop we were surprised by Skinny Improv. We definitely overtook the show with our 60 kids who were loud, enthusiastic & very silly! Skinny Improv was so fun & a treat to see.  

Our final destination is a personal favorite of mine, Andy's Frozen Custard! They have the best ice cream with the greatest flavors. I had mine & Ben's favorite: James Brown Funky Jackhammer, which is, "Grandma's homemade brownies & creamy peanut butter blended with Andy's Frozen Custard, filled with rich hot fudge." Yummm.

What a day! I greeted my sleepy husband at 12:15 & fell right asleep. I hope your weekend was the greatest, & hopefully a little more relaxing than our Saturday!