April 3, 2011

baby showers at the institute

It's baby season at the Institute! We just had a baby shower celebrating TWO pregnancies!! One of our own just entered her 2nd trimester (Institute-made baby:) & the other just had their second baby this Friday evening!

Here is the great medley of treats at the shower!
We played a fun game where we guessed the sex, date, & baby name. I hope their husbands enjoyed our silly suggestions. Mine were "Kasey" for KC & Bissy's little girl, and "Ca'Joshua" for Cate and Josh's little one :)
Our hostess also provided these itty-bitty diapers for us to write notes on for those "late night" changing/nursing times. It was so fun to write a note of encouragement to the sweet Mom-to-bes.
Bissy & I a week before her delivery! Check out the Cook's blog for pictures of little Joely Elizabeth. Just precious.
On the baby note, Ben & I are enjoying time together living the single life. Although having kids is a definite desire, we are loving where we are at in life right now.

But.... I am so excited to have a "Mom" blog someday... I hope our kids are cute :)