April 7, 2011

Life as of late

Well, life here at the Kanakuk Institute has been BUSY, BUSY, BUSY! This is our second to last week of enjoying life with these dear friends & the Institute has kept us crazy busy!
Ben and I both presented our final project this morning & now feel so relieved. Our Belief Statement gave us a run for our money- its basically the cumulative project from the whole year. The purpose of the project is to prepare us to be able to articulate ourselves with scriptural support when faced with hard questions.
We also have been spending a great deal of time outside lately getting ready for Kanakuk's family kamp to find it's home here after we leave. I just LOVE being outside in this amazing weather! :)
Next week our schedules will be jam packed with Institute festivities & Ben & I can hardly wait! Camping, dancing, picnics, & graduation! Can hardly believe this year is almost... over... :(
Here is a picture of me sporting all my floral prints before my belief statement presentation! :)

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The Christian's said...

I'm sorry but when I first clicked on this photo, I started laughing so hard. I told Dad that you looked like a clown and he told me not to tell you that cuz it would hurt your feelings. I assured him that all the patterns are actually in style and you are quite hip-- but it just looks funny to our generation. I love you and you are so cute!