April 20, 2011

Camping with the Institute

Mid-week into our last week at the Institute we went camping! It was such a great time to enjoy the great outdoors & savor sweet friendships in our last days together. We truly made great memories together.
Ben took the top off his jeep and we enjoyed the 2 hour drive through the beautiful countryside of Arkansas.
 Brittany & I rode together during the last segment of the trip & had a blast. Brittany is such a great friend & I love her ability to have wherever & whenever!
Once we got to our destination, we hiked a few miles to this b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. scenic view. This cliff is miraculously suspended over a massive valley. Amazing!
 Gotta love this stud. :)
 Lauren and Andrea (closest friends) were my hiking buddies. I treasure these amazing girls & couldn't imagine the year without them! 
I also couldn't imagine the year without this hottie either. I love him SO much & am so thankful for being able to begin our marriage at the Kanakuk Institute. We are so blessed to be rooted in the same teachings of scripture & have grown so much this past seven months. So excited for our next adventure... together!

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