April 22, 2011

crafts at the foltzs

Marisa & I were joking that it seems like EVERY time I come down to visit we do some sort of craft project. Well, this visit confirmed that... x3! We had the greatest time crafting together (and even with a friend one night) & our sisterhood bond is so greatly unified under creating things together. We averaged about a craft a day during my fun visit here.

Project #1:
This project was a super easy, but turned out so fun! There is a new (...to me!) antique/gifts store in Fayetteville, AR that has the most anthro-ish products. I LOVE this milk/jar carrier that is so vintage! Marisa has been wanting a simple centerpiece for her table for the longest time & was so excited with the results! I love her creative fabric toppers on her mason jars & coffee beans on the inside of the jars.

Project #2: 
Flower headbands! These are my new FAV!!! Marisa is convincing me to open up a etsy shop and start selling them- I would love to do that, but still need a tad more confidence... :) They were so simple & really fun to make. I love making my nieces pretty things to wear, especially when the next day they love trying all of them on & look so cute!
 Project #3:
This last project super, super easy & perfect for organizing small objects. In our case it was little girl hair accessories. Marisa got these super tiny mason jars at TJ Maxx & I applied the little circle labels out of craft paper, tape & (first time use of) modge podge. I'm thinking about tying some cute ribbons around them to add ample cuteness. :)
I just LOVE coming down to visit the Foltzs & am so, so, so thankful for their sweet hospitality whenever I come down. Even though my parents still live halfway around the world in Chiang Mai, Thailand- I still have a home in America... and that home is filled with two loving parents & FOUR growing kiddos.