October 9, 2011

dinner at the seilers

Tonight we had my Dad & the Allens over for dinner. Each of us girls claimed a night to have everyone over, and tonight was my night. I was looking on Pinterest earlier today and found this mouth-watering recipe for potatoes. It was literally the easiest thing ever- the hardest part was slicing the potatoes thinly without completely slicing through the potato. 

The main course was Chicken Pot Pie. I think it was my 3rd time making this dish. I have always loved Chicken Pot Pie & this family recipe has the perfect amount of veggies, chicken, and crust. The crust is a perfect amount of flaky & doughy. Yum. I also always make the top crust differently, and went with random vertical stripes this time.

This probably wasn't the healthiest dinner, but it sure was good! Now I'm trying to slowly switch my mind off of the weekend & into the working week mode. Here goes nothing :)