October 15, 2011

my Dad & Collin's Birthday!

I decided to take this past Wednesday off from work to spend time with my Dad. It just happened to also be my nephew, Collin's birthday! I really wanted to get some intentional time with my Dad, since his trip was so short and since I am a working girl now. So luckily I was able to take a day off!

We started off the day with breakfast at I-Hop with Ben before he went into work. I love me some Chocolate Chip Pancakes with my two favorite men!
After breakfast we then drove the kids to school and took Hayley on an outing with us to go see Ben's work. It was sooo good to finally see where Ben works. I have always tried to imagine what it was like, but to see it in person and meet the people he works with was so good. {blog post to come}

Then we went to Jon and Marisa's house to help them finish up packing their house. [The Foltz's just sold their home, and moved into a temporary apartment while they look for a new home.] After we packed up a few boxes, we headed to Collin & Summer's school to eat lunch with the Birthday boy, Collin.

We first saw Summer, and she was totally embarrassed of such a big group (Papa, Uncle Michael, Aunt Bethany, Aunt Jenn, Mommy, Daddy, & Hayley) coming to see her and Collin. I hope I don't embarrass my future children as much as I embarrassed Summer. :) Here is her "please stop taking pictures of me" face.
 Summer's Fayetteville aunties.
What a great birthday lunch! :) I was ready for a food fight, but the lunch-duty teachers were on their A-game.
 Collin was able to open Hayley's present to him during our visit, which was a matchbox car that she picked out all by herself. So precious!
 Can hardly believe that he is SEVEN years old. I just love the lil stud.
 That night we headed to Jim's Razorback Pizza for a night of fun & games! It was such a great place for kids, similar to Chuck E Cheese, but way more chill. Marisa, Collin, and I really got into Skee Ball. Like our rolled up jeans and ankles? Bethany is such an artsy photographer :)
 Mmmm, pizza!
Then we let Collin & Dadopen up their presents. The Allens & us decided to go in together for Collin's gift and ended up getting him a game, and {my fav}"Where the Sidewalk Ends" by Shel Silverstein. Such a kid's classic! I was able to read it to him before he went to bed last night, and we both had such a great time reading together. I love encouraging children's creativity, and this book was a great outlet!
I know this picture is ridiculously bad quality, but it cracks me up! Jon & Marisa got Collin a new scooter for his birthday, and literally the FIRST thing he did was a jump on it. Collin is super fearless, and we joked about him getting his fourth set of stitches with his new gift. 
 What fun it was to celebrate two great Birthday. Dad & Collin, we sure love you and are so thankful we get to call you family!