October 5, 2011

cupcake stand

I saw the cutest craft idea a while ago on on Pinterest {here}. I seriously LOVE Pinterest. It was such an amazing source of inspiration before we moved into our first apartment. I especially love being able to manage my boards (sorry for Pinterest lingo). Organizing & craft = my love language.

Back to the craft though... One Saturday afternoon Ben & I were doing errands with the Allens, and we went to our local thrift store, Potters House. I saw some cake tins and candelstick, and decided it was time to mark this project off my to-do list! [Ps, I adore outside lighting for pictures please notice the difference in the two pictures.]
It was probably the simplest project ever. I love the tin and how is has so much character. I did soak the tins in boiling hot water just to make sure that it didn't have any thrift store germs!
My sweet sister, Marisa let my borrow some of her fun spray paint. Someday I would love to have a rainbow of spray paint colors.
I think this will be so great if we ever have a party or even just to display appetizers on, or even to put in our guest bath for soap and perfume things.

Anyone else in love with Pinterest? If so, let's be friends! :)