October 16, 2011

a tour of Ben's work

On Wednesday,  my Dad, Hayley, and I drove up to Lowell, Arkansas to visit Ben's work! It so fun to finally see where Ben spends his day. It was also nice to meet all the people he has been talking about. So here is a tour! 

Ben is the "Shipping guy" at Spring Creek Custom Machining. In the morning he puts in job orders, and in the afternoon he does errands: delivering orders, and going to ship them at the Post Office. The job is really perfect for Ben: he gets to go to work casual, and work with his hands all day. Another plus is that his boss is an avid deer hunter. He is so blessed to have such great relationships with his boss & co-workers.
 Here are a few pictures of the things that they make. I don't really know what they are or what they are for, but I thought they looked cool. {girl comment}

 My Dad really enjoyed seeing the tour because of his former days working at a John Deere tractor factory. Hayley just enjoyed the special trip :)
 I had to get a picture of Ben & I together. Can you notice my embarrassing "tour" glasses Ben made me wear?
 And take 2. Notice the little stinker that wanted to be in the picture?
Thanks Ben for putting up with your silly wife. It was so great to finally see where you spend most of your waking hours!