October 17, 2011

fabric necklace

Yesterday I had the crafting bug, especially since I found a tutorial for this necklace I have been wanting to make for forever. It was really simple, and turned out great! I was able to use some leftover fabric from our wedding, which is so great. Some of my biggest advice for bride to be's is: buy practical things for your wedding. It had been such a blast decorating with things that we bought in Thailand for our wedding. It is such a great way to remember my most favorite day.

Here are some pictures from the construction of this simple necklace. First you sew a long strip of fabric together (the print side facing inward).
 Then you pull the correct side through with a safety pin.
 Then I found some old beads from an old bracelet and slid them through the fabric. The sequence was just bead, knot, bead, knot, etc.

Then I cut out material for a mini bow/flower. 
 You can see the small stick on the flower next to the button. Even though that was a mistake, I love the "rawness" of my creations. I love the imperfections, that it was makes crafting so fun.
 Lastly, I hemmed the edges of the yellow fabric that was added onto the necklace for length and fabric variety. This is still some of my favorite fabric that I own. It is from Ikea, and I just love the texture. It is a tad more flexible than the ordinary upholstery fabric, but I love that it still has strength.
 Here the finished product is in all its glory!