September 22, 2011

my job and wish list

Can I tell you about my job?

I recently started working for a company called Acumen Brands, which has been the greatest full time job I have ever had (and only!). I seriously feel so blessed to have such a great boss and co-workers who I respect so much. I have never been treated so well, or been so content with a job before.

So, what do I do all day? I get to email, talk to customers, and put together my Christmas list. Ben asked me a few days ago if I could start working on my Christmas wish list... little does he know what he is in for!!

Want to peek at my Christmas list?

1. I LOVE this Mountain Hardware Monkey Phur Jacket. A good friend of mine had one made by another brand, but this one looks extra comfy.
 2. Le Creuset Dutch Oven, yes please! I am still loving using all of our wedding gifts, but this little wonder and I could accomplish great things in the kitchen together. I'm still trying to decide which size would be the best for me, any thoughts?
3. These custom-made boots by Lucchese, Olive Burnished Wax Comanche Boots, would be such a fun addition to my closet too. Every pair is unique and uniquely made.
Well, there were a few things that I have my eye on. Ben, if you are reading this, no pressure :) 

In summation, I love my job and life is going really well for us Seilers. Looking forward to my first trip to St. Louis this weekend. Go Cards!