September 26, 2011

St. Louis Weekend pt.1

This past weekend, the Ben & I joined the Seilers (Jake, Sue, & Daniel) for a birthday celebration weekend! We left Friday after work, and drove to Branson for a football game & a brief hangout with good, good friends. Then Saturday we all woke up real early and drove to St. Louis. The whole weekend was for the birthday boy, so everything we did was Bens Dad, Jake's, choice.
 First stop was eating at White Castle. It was my first time eating there!

 Here are the real White Castle fans...
Here is our view off the balcony of our hotel room. We were so blessed to have such a fun room, and in the heart of downtown! This was my first real trip to St. Louis, and it turned to be a really cool city. It's so interesting to think that it used to be one of largest cities in America because of all the travelling people passing through.
 After we nested in our hotel room, we decided to see the famous arch up close. It was glorious. It almost gave me a headache from looking up so much. We really wanted to go up in the shuttle, but it was closed.

 Here we are under the Arch with the capital building in the background.
 Later that evening we travelled to The Hill in St. Louis, where Italians immigrated to back in the day. It was such a fun area full of culture & of course... great food! I loved the uniqueness of all the houses being so close to each other. It seemed like a great community to live in, especially if you only spoke Italian.
 Below are two pictures of pretty things that I admired at The Hill.

Saturday was a great day full of great food, walking, sightseeing, and enjoying my first day in St. Louis! More to come on our Sunday adventures.