September 6, 2011

Snapshots of Apartment 7

 Welcome to a small tour of our apartment! 

It has been a BLAST decorating and making a space that is so... me (& Ben). It has also been great reliving our wedding through decorating our apartment with wedding decorations. Best decision ever was banking on Thai decorations: cheap, unique, and so pretty.

So, let's start.
First we have our apartment entrance. Homemade wreath, fun door mat, and the latest addition: a milk pail! I have been searching for one for FOREVER and finally found this little guy at a junk yard.
 I still need to get a sweet flower for her, cuz right now it kind of looks like an ash tray. Gross.
Our apartment has two bedrooms, so we made the second bedroom into a guest room, office (Ben), and sewing room. It is so nice to be able to have all my craft supplies out in the open, rather than in a storage bin. Ben's Grandma Ellison gave me so many adorable wooden spools. As of now they are just in a mason jar, but I am still brainstorming a fun way to display them.
We found the coolest bed frame at a thrift store for our spare bed. Not only was it super cheap, I love how much character is has. I would love to paint it mustard someday.
Here are some things in our hallway.

 At our wedding one of the ways we did our guest book was having our friends sign these antique plates. These are up in our kitchen and I still love reading the messages on them.
 Here are some wall hangings in our living room. I love these bargain shelves from Target for $5. And those blue vases from our wedding. And those insulators...
 One night my sisters came over and we arranged our plant shelves. The big baskets displayed our pies at our wedding. I wish my camera did these shelves justice...
Well, that is all for now. Our first home together has been such a joy to piece together. Even though we aren't living in a grand ol' house, I still love my little apartment 7 on West Crockett Place. Well, at least for the next 12 months of our lives...