September 27, 2011

St. Louis Weekend pt.2

 The next morning we woke up and ate breakfast at the coolest restaurant, Rooster. It was a great placed to eat for breakfast and we all really enjoyed the crepes they are famous for.

 Then we packed our bags, and headed to the main event of the weekend. On our walk we enjoyed an up close view of the Court House. I really love the green faded copper that decorated so many of the buildings.
 The main event of the weekend was going to the St. Louis Cardinals game, aka the Seiler's all-time favorite baseball team, hands down. :) I had been to a few other games before by other teams in other states, but this was by far the best baseball game I have ever been to. The Cards played their hated rival, the Chicago Cubs which was a blast to see. We had great seats & I really enjoyed watching the game.

Side Note: if there are any other newly married wives who struggle finding the same love for watching sports as their husbands do, invest in a scorecard! :) It was really fun to learn all the codes (and make my own that Ben laughed at like "broken bat" or "fake pitch to first base") & it really helped me to focus on the game.

We ended up arriving early to watch the batting practice & Ben caught a fly ball. Here is the birthday boy and Ben

Here is the picture after the Cardinals won! Don't you just love the hands cheering? :)
We had such a great weekend! I am so thankful for such a great in-law family. They have accepted me with open arms & I already feel so at home with them. It was such a memorable weekend, & I feel privileged to have gone to St. Louis with the Seilers!