May 10, 2014

10 months with ruby kay

dearest sweet girl,

happy 10 months to you! i can hardly believe how fast time is flying, and i'm in disbelief that you will be one full year old in two short months. you are such a joy to be around. your da-da and i can't get enough of your sweet smiles and giggles, your adorable mannerisms, and your curious personality. 

this past month we found ourselves in a big transition, moving out of apartment and packing almost everything we own up for storage for the next few months. you were a great baby, and made the most of our situation, climbing on boxes and providing opportunities for me to re-pack a box after you unpacked them :) 

some sweet things to remember from our tenth month with you are:
-you are now taking steps! your balance is still a little shaky, but soon we know that you will be a walking machine. you are very fast at walking around the coffee table, and have good balance when you have one hand resting on something. 
-you love to blow bubbles with your lips, and make the silliest face while doing so
-you are now nursing just twice a day, when you wake up and go to sleep
-you are a good little eater, and love blueberries, bananas, chicken, noodles, yogurt, and whatever mama is eating
-you are starting to drink really well out of your straw sippy cup, and your favorite choice is juice.
-you crawled up steps for the first time at mimi and poppa's house. you were slow the first time, but by the second you were pretty speedy.
-you love your cousin, ellanora and have been best buds with her for the past two weeks while we are their house guests. after being apart, you two crawl towards each other with excitement. you two play so well with each other, and love sharing pacis.

oh girl, we love you so much. we can hardly wait to see who you grow into, and pray that you continue to be a sweet girl who is kind to others, and loves the Lord with your whole heart.

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